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The Filippino authorities say they have killed about insurgents. Their methods are just as fine and noble as those of their brethren in Raqqa and Mosul. The Wall Street Journal reports from Marawi: After dragging the conscious man onto the street and pulling his head up by the hair, the militants began sawing at his neck with a knife. Five minutes later, the executioner thrust the severed head toward the remaining hostages, warning, ‘If you try to escape, this is what is going to happen to you,’ recalled Mr. Samiahan, a Christian local labourer.

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I think my situation is unique to some because there are a few extra factors… My boyfriend and I have been dating for over six months. He suffers from extreme PTSD. He is a retired military vet, but not just your average retired military, he was an army ranger. Rangers are the ones who are the first ones in, make all the calls, responsible for other soldiers, etc.

As a result he suffers from not only being haunted by the terrorists he killed, but the soldiers who died along side him. He blames himself for their deaths.

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Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Being male myself i sometimes find myself closed and secretive when it comes to relationships, However, i belive your statement is a bit generalistic since woman can also be as closed minded and secretive..

If i was to start by mentioning my own thoughts, i would have to start with my need for respect, and as simple as that word may seem, ones ability to be able to communicate, honestly without the need to yell or, become aggressive, or even repress and shut down, seems to be an attribute that few people can can endure–male or female. DON’T Screw AROUND–be faithfull and loyal to your partner, speak of the other like you want them to speak of you, never demoralize or trivialize the others wants needs or concerns and beyond all: Beyond all; however, a need to feel secure in your decision to show affection and knowing, that your vulnerabilities are protected.

Men generally aren’t built for verbal, emotional conversation; but more for physical activities. It’s not that we are secretive, but have no interest in sharing their feelings. If a guy opens up a little, a woman will pick-axe her way into his inner being. After learning that lesson, he is less apt to want to open up. Many women tend to be manipulative and go overboard in trying create scenarios based on some inner feeling a man may have expressed, turning a normal situation into a circus.

Men have no need to visit their feelings, we don’t usually know what our feelings are.

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Feminism to me and to any real, non-extremist feminist is not about entitlement or de-throning or emasculating men. In my opinion, it would make more sense to equate entitlement with women NOT trying to improve themselves and expecting a man to provide for them just because they have a pretty face and make good pies. It just seems like flawed logic.

I am self employed, quite successful and provide for myself. To be any other way would make me a burden to society and a drain on the resources and finances of others. I submit in certain ways because I want him to be a man.

Me and my boyfriend in our matching t-shirts. Last month Jocelyn over at Speaking of China wrote On Dating Chinese Men and asked us fellow bloggers to do the same. Her goal is to gather us mus reliable information about dating Chinese men as possible, so when others are searching it online they will get a better picture what is it really like to date a Chinese guy.

Why it’s foolish, illogical and doesn’t serve your country “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. I have a vehement question that I don’t get. Technically, it’s akin to committing suicide for no valid reason, especially since American involvement in wars usually have nothing to do with “serving your country” or “defending freedom”.

I’m surprised they got anyone to serve in the Iraq War. What if no one agreed to go? Why would anyone go in the first place against all reason and common sense, as well as against their own survival instinct? Who would risk their life and limb for a war they have nothing to gain from and everything to lose? Technically, it’s no different than committing suicide.

Further, there are no logical reasons to serve in a war, while there are many logical reasons not to, which I will elaborate on below. Anti-war sentiment has been mainstream in America for a long time. Back in the 80’s, blockbuster movies like “Born on the Fourth of July” with Tom Cruise and “Full Metal Jacket” by Oliver Stone, eloquently portrayed the true horrors of war as unjust and deceitful, without glory or honor. So even back in the 80’s, the American people already knew the truth about the horrors of war, and how there was nothing glorious in it, and how the government deceived young people into the military.

The Vietnam War was a prime example, which was ingrained into the minds of the American people. So how could anyone agree to serve in the Iraq War in ?

Chapter 9: The Civil War,

The Hall of Justice 25, posts, read 34, , times Reputation: Originally Posted by Becmead I lived in Japan for years. Studied the language and culture while in Japan. Met a Japanese lady a few years ago. Things were great while dating

I. “Silliest internet atheist argument” is a hotly contested title, but I have a special place in my heart for the people who occasionally try to prove Biblical fallibility by pointing out whales are not a type of fish.

August 16, at 4: Also, your response is pretty articulate and well though out. How do you justify the dreadful things you acredit to capable women in your article, when you yourself are one of them? I find it quote ironic that you tell us to stop putting other women down, when your entire article is about telling women such as me and yourself — is it a lack of confidence that stopsyou making this connection?

I do internet dating, and why my profile says I have a PhD, my responses drop from 8 per day to 2. Just this one single factor has that effect. This cannot be because I have been egotistical or rude or boring. My profile is otherwise just the same.

What was your experience in dating military men

The alpha male today is an endangered species, as the unintended consequences of radical feminism let me be clear—true feminism is about equality, while radical feminism is about a superiority shift to women over men have left men confused about their position, responsibilities, and roles. We first need to define what an alpha male is: He is a natural leader. He loves a challenge—in fact, he needs it. He is intelligent, cunning, and innovative.

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If you’re facing a civilian or military DUI, the charges could impact both worlds. When a service member is charged with a DUI on a military installation, she may be subject to an Article 15 or court martial process. Being charged with drunk driving off base could impact you on base as well. If local authorities charge you with drunk driving, your commanding officer may also punish you for misconduct. In those situations, punishment may include extra duty or referral to an alcohol abuse treatment program.

DUI charges can have serious consequences for uniformed service members. This article explains how the process works, likely punishments, and how the military and civilian justice systems interact. If DUI charges are initially filed by both military and civilian authorities, the two entities will often coordinate to decide how the service member will be prosecuted. While the military generally has jurisdiction over active duty service members and any crimes they commit wherever they take place, the jurisdiction of civilian courts is usually determined by whether the incident took place on a federal military installation no state jurisdiction or not as well as the circumstances of any arrest, as noted below: You will not face civilian criminal charges for the DUI.

However, the state may still suspend your license, require use of an interlock device, or impose other non-criminal penalties that affect your driving privileges. Still, your commanding officer may concurrently take administrative actions, such as mandatory substance abuse treatment, revocation of pass privileges, or corrective training.

9 Smart Tips When Dating A Modern Military Man

Enslin is drummed out of the Continental Army after being found guilty of sodomy. A revision of the Articles of War of , the new regulations detail statutes governing U. A sting operation is launched in which undercover operatives attempt to seduce sailors suspected of being homosexual.

A retired US Air Force officer who served as the USAF’s Chief of Staff says he was clueless about having his photo featured on a dating website for supporters of President Donald J. Trump.

Insecurity is a dynamic force that drives behavior in both women and men who have BPD. However, insecurity typically shows its face in different ways in men versus women. But more of that shortly. Insecurity has its roots in actual experiences—of rejection, abuse , or abandonment—and it affects how the man you love relates to you, even if those kinds of experiences have no basis in your relationship with him.

In some cases these experiences are truly severe. Others were mercilessly ridiculed, beaten, or even deprived of food or shelter. Some were sexually molested. But insecurity can also result from less dramatic but still damaging experiences. My parents divorced when I was about six years old.

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